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Robert Taylor was born and raised in Manchester England. As a schoolboy, he participated in rugby, soccer, cricket, track and field and cross-country running as well as fencing. In 1984, he qualified as a podiatrist, specializing in biomechanics, assessing and treating running injuries in marathon runners and track and field athletes. In 1986, he immigrated to Canada and became licensed as a Canadian Chiropodist. For the next 13 years, he specialized in biomechanical assessments and treatment of sports injuries.

Robert became re-known for treating athletes and returning them to their respective sports. He resolved athletic injuries in tri-athletes, track and field athletes, cross-country runners and road racers from recreational to elite levels. He was often a keynote speaker, invited to talk to athletes, coaches, physiotherapists and podiatrists. He has presented at many Canadian universities, Ontario Road Racing Clubs and National Cross-Country training teams. He has taught healthcare professionals as far away as the North Pole, Rovaniemi and Finland.

In 1999, Robert enrolled at the Canadian College of Osteopathy and for the next 7 years, practiced a student an Osteopath while treating athletes at the Taylor Clinic in London Ontario. He qualified as an Osteopath in January 2007 after successfully defending his thesis, "The Effect of Osteopathic Treatment on Functional Leg Length Discrepancy."

The Taylor Clinic has become a place of recovery for many Olympic runners, tri-athletes and speed skaters. Robert has a very unique vision of athletes, a specialized method of biomechanical assessment and a true passion and hands-on approach to treating his patients. He is equally satisfied when rectifying a problem plaguing a National caliber athlete as he is when treating an individual simply trying to maintain a regular, healthy lifestyle.

Robert's resume:

His favourite quote comes from the movie Racing Stripes - "Don't look back, leave it all and the track."

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