Types of Osteopathic Treatments

The individual is seen as a whole unit when assessed by an Osteopathic practitioner. Treatments address movement restrictions in the body tissues that prevent you from being healthy and fit. Osteopathy is unique in that it focuses on the cause of pain and dysfunction, rather than only on the symptoms. Osteopathy can treat a variety of concerns, such as:

  • Concussions / Whiplash
    • Robert recognizes that not all concussions occur by hitting your head. The impact can occur anywhere on the body and can affect the cranium. Osteopathy treatments are well suited to treat concussions and whiplash.
  • Sports Injuries
    • Robertís background is in Podiatry from the UK. He has treated many nationally ranked athletes in the past. His experience was invaluable when he changed careers to become an Osteopath and he often applies this knowledge when treating any of his patients.
  • Mothers and Babies
    • Robert often treats mothers post birth, babies and children. Birthing is traumatic for both mother and baby and can often lead to issues such as colic, trouble feeding or sleeping, physical issues, and post epidural issues for mothers. Osteopathy can help in many ways with these issues.
  • Post Dental Work and Braces
    • Although dental work is necessary, it can be quite extensive and traumatic. Osteopathy can help immensely to release the sutures in the cranium and face. Braces are often used during growth and development, and Osteopathy can provide comfort for the patient, particularly through the tightening and adjustment phases of the braces treatment.

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